Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ok, so I'm learning in this basketball blogging thing...  If you take a day or so to try to pull together some sort of meaning to a loss, like San Antonio...well, they play again...and you really lose your point... blog post trashed, lesson learned.

We played the Jazz last night, and while we blew them out, it was sort of...well, weird. 

There's really no need to talk about numbers, because the Jazz looked like death warmed over.  Maybe they were still thinking about visiting the Memorial earlier in the day...that's sort of a buzzkill.  But, there were some things to point out:

- Wife & I discussing KD's 23 point double-double shooting over 50% from the floor and 50% from 3 zombie performance:  "He's not right..."
"wonder what's up?"

- Russ:  He shows up and does what it is, that he does...which is the same if we called him right now and said we were playing at 3pm today...he'd be there, ready to pitbull and cheetah his way through the game.  I've been working on watching his personal "go all Russell fastbreaks"...  Many of them start in traffic, or with a defender ahead of him, and simply wills himself past them, or "Russell's" his way ahead of them for a layup.  I'd say "hustle's", but I think it really becomes more teleportation than mere hustle.

- DFish:  yeah, he can shoot better this year, he's shown it multiple times already...question is, will he be a pop-up mole like KMart and disappear unexpectedly when we need him?  (See Durant's Zombie impersonation and K-Mart)

- Thabo:  like the new doo (shout out to the wife, now why she pays soooo much attention to Thabo with a sexy beast sitting next to her...)

- KMart:  moving without the ball, good...chemistry with Collison, great (creds to the wife on picking that up months ago).  Pre-playoff assignment:  do the same damn thing in every game, so we can know what to expect...15-20, or 6.  We just need to know...(see DFish)

-Serge:  was that your Stephen Biko (might have to look that one up) impersonation?  What the hell happened to your eye? and the explanation given on TV was vague and not enough...  

- Flagrant foul intermission:  Thabo, Russ, and Perk sitting on the scorer's table...nice.  There was a hint of "do no evil, see nothing I do as evil, and I'm all evil" in that picture.

- Flagrant foul intermission #2:  see next item...

- Scott Brooks lineups:  everybody wanted to know, and I mean everybody...where DFish's minutes were going to come from...Reggie, nope...Thabo, nope...KMart, Serge or Perk, nope.  Ronnie Brewer and Hash, bingo.  Weird that Hash's minutes have leaked away and we've seen this "go-small and awkward" lineup the past few games... but, you gotta play with the engine if you're gonna tune it up.  Maybe that's why Hash went all fullback on Hayward...he's pissed at DFish and Brooks.

- Ronnie Brewer:  Good grief, I think we need to just put him on suicide watch.  He goes from around 15 minutes / per gm to "mop up duty", in a trade that was hailed as OKC getting "another athletic and versatile defender".  Again...weird.  I'd be pissed, depressed, and playing with sharp's like the OKC trip was out to pasture.  I mean, we could have just brought back Nazr to warm the bench...right?  He liked it here and would have been an even cheaper body to run the clock out with...  Maybe, as I put it to my wife, both Brooks and Presti hate his guts so much and they brought him here to kill his career...just for revenge (for something...I don't know, anything).

Up next:  Orlando Friday night, 7pm at the 'Peake.

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