Sunday, March 3, 2013


Did you see it?  It was subtle.

The Clipper game today, gave us many different Thunder games all in one.  

But, there was a tiny difference, and it was subtle...did you catch it?  You probably did.

After starting out well, and climbing on top to a 19 point lead in the second half, (The Thunder share the ball, all pistons firing, blowout game), the Clippers decided to climb back into the game, (The Thunder Alternate Jersey game), and then the Thunder clamped down on the defensive end when it really mattered, (The Defense wins Thunder games, game)...and then the closer (The Kevin and Russ show Thunder game), but then there was one more Thunder game...but we'll come back to that.

I agreed with the Flagrant 1 call on Serge.  You have to call that.  I personally believe he was trying to break the arm extension at Blake's elbow, to free his arm and pin Blake's arm against him in one move...something Perk's very good at.  Except, Serge sometimes a) doesn't realize his strength, and b) still has an issue with where his body is in time and Bam - Nut Check.  OUCH!  A little too far on the extension, and Blake will not forget that for a while.  And by forget, I mean, honestly, Blake was beating on everyone that covered him.  His awesome block on Nick came as his left hand had a complete fist full of Nick's jersey that he needed to use as leverage to get even higher.  I love Blake, but he gets away with that crap...he'll get over Serge's "Take a bow" move.  

I didn't agree with the double Technicals called on Butler and Perk.  Mainly because Butler's an ass (he's from Missouri you know...and while they've come along way, he was a part of one of the thuggiest teams I can remember from Mizzou).  He hasn't changed, what he can't defend he talks at...  Did you see him swagger away from the contact after they broke up the scuffle?  I told my son, "there's no thug swagger in the NBA".  You don't drop those hips and waddle away, he looked a bit cowardly to me.  He might have thought he wanted some, but his mind will clear soon enough.  

Oh, the OTHER game...I digress.

Tight game, Russ and Kevin show, a few missed jump shots...a timeout for the scuffle and flagrant foul.


Touches by Russ and Kevin to a pass to Serge in the lane...pump fake, foul, and one.

Touches by Russ, Kevin, K-Mart, Perk, and a dunk by Serge...

We moved the ball around, late in the game, during the Russ and Kevin show...and the Clippers totally wigged out!!

Blake fouled out.

Russ got a steal and a dunk.

Chris Paul fell down.

Then Serge fed Barnes his after game meal right there in the lane...OUCH, this time Serge, you can take the bow.

And suddenly, the game was over...The Thunder got out of a tight, late game rut, moved the ball, and somewhere in San Antonio, Miami, and LA...a shudder went through the NBA force.  Tony Parker dropped his drink...LeBron dropped his book...Kobe felt even older all of a sudden...and Pops said a four letter word.

If the Thunder move the ball like that under heavy pressure, in tight game situations...and get the scoring support...the season might have a very different ending.


- Please play Ronnie gets cold on the bench.

- Perkins can play defense on Blake Griffin like nobody else in the NBA...he kept him at a distance, and out of the lane.  Interesting enough, Blake's bull-rush moves just don't work on Perk like they do Nick and Serge...maybe, just maybe that's why we keep Perk.  Because he channels Bill Russell on defense.

- So just how long did it take Perk to wind up and dunk that ball in the 3rd quarter...I counted at least to 2, in traffic..."Hey wait guys, I got this [gather, squat, pause, think, jump, dunk]".

- Russell, great game.  When I played with other city league wanna-be's I played much like, that means I'm on your case on all the time, because now that I'm old, I see the things I miss.  My daily advice to Russ:  change nothing...but, when it is you and KD late, up top, and the entire population of many countries knows what you are doing...a quick two step drive right at KD's guy, will get him a wide open 3, or space to drive.  You rarely do this, you prefer a 4 step drive and kick.  In games where you've split the lane like Moses, two steps towards the lane will draw all the defense, the bench, and the D-league team of our opponents...Kevin takes a step back and away, and he's wide open.  2, not 4, right at him!

- Nick, somebody named Pete Rose Charlie Hustle, but he was a own that name, hands down.  You beat on people like Perk, but without the anger...which really pisses off the other team.

- K-Mart, I will start sacrificing chickens...keep shooting.  Please write down 500 times at home tonight "I am not Daequan"...just trust need it.

Tuesday Night, I might just not sleep until then...just remember Black Mambas come from the Congo.  Kobe's on a roll.  As are the Lakers.  I'd like to see their wheels come off with a blowout, but I'm afraid it might be a little chippy and tight.  

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