Friday, May 17, 2013


Ok, we lost.  Everybody get their "not suprised" look wiped off their face.  We had hope, we had heart, we just didn't have enough to do it without Russ.  

Which is a good thing, because last year, and the year before, there was a lot of talk about trading Russ...(courtesy of Uncle Skip), heck even I wondered two years ago if he'd ever settle down...

He didn't settle down, he just got more accurate...and lethal...and faster...and better.  

He'll still drive you nuts on days, but hey it is the NBA.

So, we lost, and here's a few things we're NOT gonna miss from this season:

- That sinking feeling of the end of the world, when Perk gets a long rebound and starts to lead the break.

- That idiotic notion that it would only happen to you once, when Kevin Martin catches a pass for a wide open 3...with his foot on the line.

- Wanting to throw a skillet through the TV when Serge makes his first three shots, gets 2 rebounds, and 2 blocks in the 1st quarter and then takes the next two quarters off.

- Biting the pillow in anger because Nick Collison got another foul for breathing on someone.

- Wondering who Ronnie Brewer pissed off to go from 700 minutes in the first half of the season to 114 in the second half.

- Checking to see who got the Pike Pass tonight.

- Seeing KD and Perk both shoot the ball with the opposite respective notions, "We know where this is headed".

- Wondering if Serge's girlfriend is jealous of the game ball.

- Trying to imagine how KD can have 55 points when it seems like he's missed every shot you wanted him to make.

- Checking the bench to see if Ronnie Brewer has any sharp objects or firearms pointed at himself.

- Trying to maintain your love of Scott Brooks, while at the same time trying not to cuss in front of your kids, "Scott, for the love...why the *&%$ is Nick on the bench?"

- Listening to any announcers but BD and Grant talk about missing Harden.  In fact, pretty much listening to any announcers but BD and Grant...because it seems nobody likes the Thunder, except for Hubie Brown and he's like 112.

- Wondering if Scott Brooks is ever gonna break his composure in a press conference and say something like "listen here, Perk's the best post defender in the NBA and if he never scores another point, I'll still play him".

- Wondering if Perk's ever gonna score another point.

And the last one....

- Watching Serge, Kmart, Reggie, and KD pass up a wide open 3 point shot, in lieu of giving to DFISH who's 5'4" and shoots over a 6'10" guy guarding him from 40 feet.

I'm probably done for the summer, but come draft time, or move time, keep a look out...

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